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Cadillac became the “standard of the world” in 1908 by being the first automobile with fully interchangeable parts, setting the high bar for quality. Over the past century, the brand has kept its place as America's premier automaker, building their reputation on large, soft riding vehicles with spectacular styling like the classic tall-finned 1959 models. As luxury buyers have started demanding vehicles that handle as well as they ride, the company has shifted its focus to sports sedans and crossovers, even going so far as to take the Nürburgring record for the world's fastest sedan with the CTS-V.

If you want to maintain the luxury and performance of your Cadillac, you need quality OEM parts from These parts are designed and built by GM for your vehicle, maintaining the same performance, fit and quality your car was built with. Enter your VIN or select your model from the drop-down menu, and you can see everything we have to offer for your vehicle, or you can search by part numbers or keywords like “brake rotor.” Have questions? Contact us. We have more than 40 experienced parts people on staff can answer them.